Our Community & Spiritual Life

Our Community Life

 "The Sisters, united in the same family by the same holy profession, shall always be united among themselves by the bond of charity, otherwise, even though they are daughters of the Atonement, or daughters of peace, it would be impossible for them to give the message of peace to the world." ~ Mother Lurana White, SA - Foundress 

Drawn by the call of God, the source of our unity, we come together as Franciscan Sisters of the Atonement from different places, cultures, and backgrounds to become a prophetic sign of the kingdom of God.

Love for one another is both the essence and the proof of a community of Christ's followers. We share our lives and our goods in common and strive for that union of mind and heart exemplified in the community life of the early church. The vitality and unity of the congregation depend on the quality of life fostered in each of our local communities and on their sense of identity with the total congregation.

Personal and communal prayer, fidelity to the ideals and goals of our founders, participation in congregational programs, concern for each other, especially the sick, retired, and future members of our community - all are instrumental in strengthening the congregation.

Our Spiritual Life

 "Someone said that 'the majority of people live on the rim of their souls.' This means that they are not keeping close company with Jesus for He is deeply in the depths of the soul. To stay there in holy recollection beside the Beloved is what is meant by being interior." ~ Mother Lurana

Essential to our consecrated life is our relationship with God in love.  This relationship is nourished by the movement of the Spirit praying within us and is expressed in our prayer offered to the Father in union with Christ.

Our prayer centers in our participation in the Eucharist wherein we render praise and thanks to God and wherein we remember and share in Christ's offering of himself to his Father.