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Inquirers Information Form

If you are a woman who would like to correspond with a Vocation Team Member, or to ask any questions about “being a Sister” – please Email us at: or call us at Graymoor at 

(845) 424-3625.  

If you are a woman who meets most of our requirements noted on this page, and you would more seriously like to consider entering our Congregation, then upload the Inquirer’s Information Form (seen below this paragraph), print it, complete it, and Email it to or mail it to us at: Vocation Department, St. Francis Convent (Graymoor), 41 Old Highland Turnpike, Garrison, New York 10524. 

If you have already been speaking with one of the Vocation Promotion Team members, or another Franciscan Sister of the Atonement, please indicate that on the Inquirer's Information form.  

We look forward to hearing about your ‘call’ to religious life and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers as we journey the path of ‘discernment’ of where God is calling you in your life and in service to the Kingdom of God. 


Becoming a Franciscan Sister of the Atonement

Vocation Awareness

The vocation process of the FRANCISCAN SISTERS OF THE ATONEMENT invites a woman to discover a desire and a call to live our Franciscan-Atonement charism.  This time of initial contact provides an opportunity for the inquirer to become more aware of the meaning of vocation and gradually become acquainted with our congregation and charism.


  • To offer guidance in the discernment of the woman’s vocation.
  • To deepen the inquirer’s awareness of the community and our charism.


  • A (Regional) Vocation Directress and the inquirer correspond on a regular basis.
  • When it is possible, a (Regional) Vocation Directress visits the inquirer in her local setting.
  • The inquirer is invited to attend “Come and See” weekends.
  • The inquirer is introduced to the history of the Society of the Atonement (from our website, review our ‘History‘ information under the ‘About Us‘ tab) and is invited to reflect on the lives of the Founders, Mother Lurana and Father Paul, as well as her own unfolding story.
  • She comes to know who we are and our call to mission.
  • To assist the inquirer in deepening her relationship with God.

Requirements for Application to become a Candidate:

The inquirer seeking to apply to our Congregation will:

  • ordinarily be between the ages of 21 to 40.
  • be free of canonical and legal impediments and family responsibilities.
  • have completed high school and at least two additional years of college or work experience.
  • give evidence of good psychological, emotional and physical health, and maturity equal to the demands of living religious life.
  • be a practicing member of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • If the inquirer has recently completed her Christian Initiation or come into Full Communion of the Roman Catholic Church, a two-year waiting period is required before making formal application.




A woman must give evidence of:

  • human and spiritual readiness
  • psychological maturity to live in community
  • college or work experience after high school
  • living an active Catholic faith life in harmony
  • with Gospel values

Formation Program:

  • Vocation Awareness Phase
  • Pre-Candidate Phase
  • Candidate/Postulant Year
  • Novitiate (2 years)
  • Temporary Profession (6 – 9 years)




 La mujer debe dar evidencia

  • de preparación humana y espiritual
  • de madurez psicológica para vivir en comunidad
  • colegio o experiencia laboral
  • de vivir la vida de fe católica en armonia activa
  • los valores del Evangelio


Programa de Formación:

  • Fase de las Vocaciones
  • Fase Pre-Candidata
  • Postulante (1 año)
  • Noviciado (2 años)
  • Profesión Temporal (6 – 9 anos)